International Postal Contest Spring 2014

6. April 2014

Some about the Model Air Club of Thun - Switzerland:
Switzerland is a very small alpine country in the heart of Europe. Thun is a Town of about 40 000 Inhabitants and is situated on the low end of the Lake of Thun. We are directly at the rim of the alps and therfore Thun is also named the Door to the Alps. We - the Model Air Club of Thun are a club of about one hundred members and our Flying Field is on an Army Training Center giving us only restricted acess during weekdays.


IPC Spring 2014 Report:

Hello to everybody

We flew the IPC Spring round on PM Sunday 06. of April
We started flying with the group photo - as you can see there is always lots of snow on the hills. Weather conditions seemed promising for Thermal Soaring and 11 willing Pilots tried to get the best out of the conditions.
We flew after a weather change as it rained the night before and we postboned flying from Sunday morning to afternoon. And realy – out came the sun - weather bettered more and more. We had mediocre and turbulent thermal activity at the beginning with deadly downdrafts but indeed also very strong bubbles up and on. Winds and Thermals became more regular during afternoon and flying became more and more a pleasure as almost everyone could attain the six minutes easily.
Landings are – as always - a weak point on our flying as we gave lots of points away on
bad landings.
After all we could nevertheless finish with a rather good top 5 result.
The models flown were of great variety - mostly RES Gasbags like the AVA, AVA pro and some own Design but also some modern F3J glass slippers like Explorer and Sharon.
Flying was all in all satisfying and we ended the session by sitting on a outdoor table in a beergarden, fool around a bit and wetting the mouth with a big beer (or otherway around...)

Happy flying and always some lift under the wings!

Model Air Club of Thun - Switzerland
Gerhard Läderach 

Results of Spring flying, Model Air Club of Thun, Switzerland, 06.04.2014