International Postal Contest

Some about the Model Air Club of Thun - Switzerland:
Switzerland is a very small alpine country in the heart of Europe. Thun is a Town of about 40 000 Inhabitants and is situated on the low end of the Lake of Thun. We are directly at the rim of the alps and therfore Thun is also named the Door to the Alps. We - the Model Air Club of Thun are a club of about one hundred members and our Flying Field is on an Army Training Center giving us only restricted acess during weekdays.

What is the International Postal Contest?
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The International Postal Contest (IPC) is an opportunity for RC Sailplane pilots to fly in friendly competition with fliers from around the globe without traveling to distant points. Held twice a year in April and again in the fall, each club and pilot's score is mailed to a coordinating club who assembles the scores. Individual and club scores are posted for all to see.

Unlike other contests, weather conditions vary on the specified days so alternate days may be chosen to allow all participants to fly in the best possible weather. Each flier flies five rounds. A maximum of 6 minutes of flight time is imposed for each round plus "landing points" of up to 100 pts may be earned by landing in a landing circle. The closer you are to the center of the circle the greater the points earned. If the flier is in the air more than 6 minutes, one point is subtracted for each second over the six minute limit. Therefore, one round equals a maximum score of 360 points plus an additional 100 landing points.

The IPC contests are unique in that other pilots are often seen cheering for their own members to have the best flights possible and obtain the best club score. IPC contests are considered one of the most enjoyable contests and social events of the year...

IPC History - Reports:
- FMT "International Postal Challenge - der grosse Showdown" 1985
- QFI - Thermal "International Postal Competition" 1996


IPC coordinating club: "LIFT" Little Finger Thermaleers of Northwest Michigan
IPC scores
IPC member informations: MRSSA "Moreton Region Sports Soaring Association" - Austrailia