International Postal Contest Autumn 2013


Some about the Model Air Club of Thun - Switzerland:
Switzerland is a very small alpine country in the heart of Europe. Thun is a Town of about 40 000 Inhabitants and is situated on the low end of the Lake of Thun. We are directly at the rim of the alps and therfore Thun is also named the Door to the Alps. We - the Model Air Club of Thun are a club of about one hundred members and our Flying Field is on an Army Training Center giving us only restricted acess during weekdays.


IPC Autumn 2013 Report:

Hello to everybody

We flew the Autumn 2013 IPC competition Sunday September 1. from 1000 to 1330
After having postponed the flying one week for bad weather we found rather good flying conditions this Sunday with Temperatures well over 20° C
Seven Pilots entered the field and we started flying into a first light but towards midday increasing northern winds which gave us very good tow heights indeed.
Attainable flight times where rather good - but with the increasing winds the maneuverability to find thermals was a bit restricted – especially with the light RES Planes. (Models flown where mostly RES planes with some F3J design)
Therefore we tried to finish the 5 rounds of the contest quickly and managed to finish short after 1300 pm
At Landings we - as always - leave lots of points on the field !
Only 4 out of the seven pilots flew five good rounds so the attained top 5 result is a rather mediocre total on the score sheet.
We where altogether tired but satisfied from the flying and the following Afterwork Party lasted the rest of the afternoon.

Happy flying and always some lift under the wings!

Model Air Club of Thun - Switzerland
Gerhard Läderach